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dc.contributor.authorKaramon, J.
dc.contributor.authorSamorek-Pieróg, M.
dc.contributor.authorSroka, J.
dc.contributor.authorBilska-Zając, E.
dc.contributor.authorDąbrowska, J.
dc.contributor.authorKochanowski, M.
dc.contributor.authorRóżycki, M.
dc.contributor.authorZdybel, J.
dc.contributor.authorCencek, T.
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this study is to confirm the presence and molecular identification of Echinococcus tapeworms in wolves from south-eastern Poland. An investigation was carried out on the intes-tines of 13 wolves from south-eastern Poland. The small intestines were divided into three equal segments. Each segment was separately examined using the sedimentation and counting tech-nique (SCT). The detected Echinococcus tapeworms were isolated and identified by PCRs and se-quencing (nad1 and cox1 genes). Additionally, DNA isolated from the feces of wolves positive for Echinococcus tapeworms was examined with two diagnostic PCRs. The intestines of one wolf were positive for E. granulosus s.l. when assessed by SCT; the intestine was from a six-year-old male wolf killed in a communication accident. We detected 61 adult tapeworms: 42 in the anteri-or, 14 in the middle, and 5 in the posterior parts of the small intestine. The PCRs conducted for cox1 and nad1 produced specific products. A sequence comparison with the GenBank database showed similarity to the deposited E. ortleppi (G5) sequences. An analysis of the available phylo-genetic sequences showed very little variation within the species of E. ortleppi (G5), and identity ranged from 99.10% to 100.00% in the case of cox1 and from 99.04 to 100.00% in the case of nad1. One of the two diagnostic PCRs used and performed on the feces of Echinococcus-positive ani-mals showed product specific for E. granulosus. This study showed the presence of adult E. ortleppi tapeworms in wolves for the first time.en_US
dc.subjectEchinococcus granulosusen_US
dc.subjectEchinococcus ortleppien_US
dc.subjectCanis lupusen_US
dc.titleThe First Record of Echinococcus ortleppi (G5) Tapeworms in Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)en_US
dcterms.bibliographicCitation2021 vol.10 s. 1-11

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