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dc.contributor.authorSzacawa, Ewelina
dc.contributor.authorDudek, Katarzyna
dc.contributor.authorWasiak, Magdalena
dc.contributor.authorBednarek, Dariusz
dc.contributor.authorBederska-Łojewska, Dorota
dc.contributor.authorMuszyńska, Bożena
dc.contributor.authorPieszka, Marek
dc.description.abstractDuring the initial months of calves’ lives, the young animals are exposed to bacterial and viral infections, and during this period, crucial physiological changes take place in their organisms. Offering calves feed additives that will have a beneficial influence on their organisms and improve their growth while reducing the morbidity rate is the optimal task of feeding. This is the first study to investigate the effect of experimental supplementation for calves with the combination of two feed additives—one containing Lentinula edodes enriched with selenium (Se), and the second containing pancreatic-like enzymes, fat-coated organic acids, sodium butyrate, and silicon dioxide nanoparticles—on the serum Se concentration, selected immune parameters, and the average daily gains in the calves. During the study, the serum Se concentration was examined by means of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, and the immunoglobulin and cytokine concentrations with ELISA assays. The white blood cell (WBC) count with leukocyte differentiation was examined with the use of a hematological analyzer, and the percentages of subpopulations of T lymphocytes and monocytes, phagocytic activity, and oxidative burst of monocytes and granulocytes with the use of a flow cytometer. The average daily gains of the calves were also evaluated. In summary, the supplementation of the experimental calves with the combination of two feed additives resulted in significantly higher serum Se concentrations, and the immune systems of the calves were not suppressed while the examined feed additives were being delivered. Although not statistically significant, some positive effects on the calves were seen: a tendency towards the improvement of some of the immune parameters evaluated, and a tendency for higher average daily gains in the calves.
dc.subjectfeed additive
dc.subjectmycelial culture
dc.subjectLentinula edodes
dc.subjectimmune response
dc.subjectaverage daily gains
dc.titleEffect of Supplementation with the Combination of Se-Enriched Lentinula edodes Mycelium, Exogenous Enzymes, Acidifiers, Sodium Butyrate and Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticle Feed Additives on Selected Parameters in Calves

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