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    • Has Epizootic Become Enzootic? Evidence for a Fundamental Change in the Infection Dynamics of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Europe, 2021 

      Pohlmann, Anne; King, Jacqueline; Fusaro, Alice; Zecchin, Bianca; Banyard, Ashley C.; Brown, Ian H.; Byrne, Alexander M. P.; Beerens, Nancy; Liang, Yuan; Heutink, Rene; Harders, Frank; James, Joe; Reid, Scott M.; Hansen, Rowena D. E.; Lewis, Nicola S.; Hjulsager, Charlotte; Larsen, Lars E.; Zohari, Siamak; Anderson, Kristofer; Bröjer, Caroline; Nagy, Alexander; SavIc, Vladimir; van Borm, Steven; Steensels, Mieke; Briand, Francois-Xavier; Święton, Edyta; Śmietanka, Krzysztof; Grund, Christian; Beer, Martin; Harder, Timm (American Society for Microbiology, 2022)
      This study presents a multi-compound method for the determination of 20 pharmacologically active dyes from 5 different chemical classes in environmental water samples. These compounds, including triphenylmethane dyes ...