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    • miRNA Expression Signatures Induced by Chicken Astrovirus Infection in Chickens 

      Sajewicz-Krukowska, Joanna; Mirosław, Paweł; Jastrzębski, Jan Paweł; Domańska-Blicharz, Katarzyna; Tarasiuk, Karolina; Marzec-Kotarska, Barbara (MDPI, Switzerland, 2023)
      miRNAs represent ubiquitous regulators of gene expression and play an important and pivotal regulatory role in viral disease pathogenesis and virus-host interactions. Although previous studies have provided basic data for ...
    • Molecular Epidemiology of Turkey Coronaviruses in Poland 

      Domańska-Blicharz, Katarzyna; Lisowska, Anna; Opolska, Justyna; Pikuła, Anna; Sajewicz-Krukowska, Joanna (MDPI, 2022)
      The only knowledge of the molecular structure of European turkey coronaviruses (TCoVs) comes from France. These viruses have a quite distinct S gene from North American isolates. The aim of the study was to estimate the ...
    • Transcriptome Sequencing of the Spleen Reveals Antiviral Response Genes in Chickens Infected with CAstV 

      Sajewicz-Krukowska, Joanna; Jastrzębski, Jan Paweł; Grzybek, Maciej; Domańska-Blicharz, Katarzyna; Tarasiuk, Karolina; Marzec-Kotarska, Barbara (2021)
      Astrovirus infections pose a significant problem in the poultry industry, leading to multiple adverse effects such as a decreased egg production, breeding disorders, poor weight gain, and even increased mortality. The ...